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International Affairs Committee

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The International Affairs Committee (IAC) is seeking additional Members. A number of opportunities exist to serve on this important committee. Several liaison officers are needed to engage with foreign engineering societies, including engineering societies in Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and New Zealand. Individuals are also needed with respect to the presentation of information on foreign engineering practice, projects, and research to CSCE members in Canada.


Interested individuals should apply by November 12, 2023. Additional details are provided below:


Basic Commitment:

  • A minimum of 25 unpaid volunteer hours per year. This includes participation at IAC meetings (mostly virtual).

  • Membership on IAC until June 2025, but contributing members would be encouraged to serve longer.

Basic requirements:
Candidates for IAC membership must be:

  • A CSCE member;

  • Team players willing to follow instructions and to work within specified guidelines;

  • Self-motivated in seeking new opportunities to advance the work of IAC and the interests of the CSCE and Canadian engineering; and

  • An individual interested in foreign engineering practice and projects, international relations, global sustainability, and (or) international development.

Specific IAC Positions:
Specific opportunities to serve on IAC are as follows:

  • Liaison Officers. Several liaison officers are needed to promote exchange of information and joint projects / conferences with engineering societies in foreign countries within a specific geographic area. IAC currently requires liaison officers for Latin America (e.g., Argentina, Peru, Mexico), North Asia (i.e., Japan, Republic of Korea, and Mongolia), Southeast Asia (esp. the Philippines, and Indonesia), and Oceania (esp., Australia and New Zealand). Connections with the engineering community and the ability to speak the national language in one or more of the countries listed are definite assets.

  • Domestic Affairs Coordinator. This important position involves the dissemination of information on foreign engineering practice, projects, research, and engineering opportunities (jobs and consulting work), obtained from foreign engineering societies and liaison officers to CSCE members, especially those residing in Canada. The ideal candidate would reside in Canada and be interested in providing professional development and other learning opportunities concerning international engineering to the CSCE membership. The ideal candidate would be highly motivated and possess good communication and organization skills.

  • Information Officer. As an assistant to the Domestic Affairs Coordinator, the person in this position would help with organization of events and webinars. The Information Officer may also provide assistance to the IAC Secretary on assigned tasks. The person in this position would also be responsible for the review, summarization, and distribution of information on international travel, travel advisories, required health inoculations, and health alerts. The ideal candidate would possess strong organization and communication skills, and experience with the organization of webinars and special events.


Preference will be given to the best qualified and most interested candidates. Appointment of individuals as new IAC members are subject to approval by the existing members of the International Affairs Committee.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact the IAC Chair Brian Burrell  or the IAC Secretary Michael Zhong before November 12, 2023.

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